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Things You Need to Know Before Renting A Jet Ski

Things You Need to Know Before Renting A Jet Ski

Are you planning to go Jet Skiing this summer? Well, there are lots of companies that offer Jet Ski rentals. You can rent a Jet Ski from one such company. But with a lot of Jet Ski scams happening, it is best to know a few things about the Jet Ski rentals that can help you pick the right Jet Ski rental company.

How to rent a jet ski

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind:

  • Check for rust and other corrosion on the Jet Ski: Before renting a Jet Ski, check how old it is. If it looks old and a battered with rust, then you must look for some other rental company, because clearly, this company is not offering a good Jet Ski. Older Jet Skis are less reliable and prone to accidents.
  • Look for signs that show the Jet Ski is well maintained: When you are renting a Jet Ski, look for signs of wear and tear. If you find holes and water leaks, do not rent that Jet Ski no matter how much good of a deal they are offering you. Also, check for loose wires because they can be a safety hazard. Have a discussion with the owner about the condition of the impeller blade and pump. These two things need to be a proper condition for you to go on a smooth Jet Ski ride.
  • Ask for insurance: Even if you follow all the safety guidelines, mishaps can always happen. To stay on the safe side, always ask for insurance coverage. Does the Jet Ski rental company offer insurance coverage or not? Some of the Jet Ski rental companies offer insurances, while some do not. The legit ones will always offer insurance coverage offer a certain age.
  • Learn how to operate the Jet Ski: The Jet Ski Rental Company should offer you a user manual as well as teach you how to ride the Jet Ski. They will also tell you about the safety guidelines that you must follow to be safe. They will also tell you want to do in case of an emergency.
  • Check the seat size: Are you going to ride alone? If yes, choose a Jet Ski that has only one seat. It will be cheaper than renting a Jet Ski that has two or more seats. You do not need those extra seats if you are going to ride alone.
  • Gas policy: Sometimes, riders are surprised to know later after they have rented the Jet Ski that they have to pay separately for the gas. Their Jet Ski was not filled with gas when they rented it. If you do not want such surprises, you must make it clear with the rental company.
  • Deposit requirement: Some Jet Ski rental companies will ask for deposits in advance, just in case you meet an accident out there Always check with the rental company before getting the Jet Ski.
  • Take photos of the Jet Ski: Jet Ski scams are extremely common. One way to avoid being scammed and being accused of damaging a Jet Ski is by taking photos of the Jet Ski before you rent it. You will have the photos as proof if you ever get wrongfully accused. This will not have to pay any extra money for the false charges, and you get to save your money.

Avoiding Jet Ski companies that have little to no reputation at all is best. Always hire from a reputed Jet Ski rental company like Under The Bridge Watersports to avoid any unsavory circumstances.