Jet Ski Rentals in Ocean City, MD

In case you are looking for the best Jet Ski ride when you are in Ocean City, you are in the right place. At Under The Bridge, we are home to the 6-mile ride. Yes, you heard it right. You would have the opportunity of enjoying 6 miles of adrenaline-filled ride! We possess the best riding area in all of Ocean City. We are located strategically just next to the Ocean City Inlet and Assateague Island. The view here is breathtaking and you would be fascinated to witness the beautiful views of nature. And occasionally several of our guests would witness the native Assateague Island Ponies & huge Dolphins swimming close by. If you are looking for a memorable and unique experience, you will surely find it with us!

Our brand new 2021 SeaDoo GTX’s has just arrived and you would be lucky to have the first ride in our new ski.

So, go fast, get wet and have fun! That’s what we are all about!

Don’t wait – book your ride today and we will see you at our exciting venue soon!


$129 + tax (no gas surcharge or deposit)

Reservations made days in advance are highly recommended.

Must arrive at least 30 minutes early for paper work and orientation. All sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Please see contact us page for parking map.

Booking & Rates



For rental purposes, there is no difference. We refer to one or all throughout this website but we are always talking about the 3 seater personal watercrafts.

This really depends on the water conditions such as the chop in the water and the currents, as well as the total weight onboard. One person on a ski will obviously go faster than three people on a ski. At Under the Bridge Watersports, the skis we rent are capable of going up to 55 miles per hour, and on the water, that’s fast! You don’t have to go fast of course, but if you want to, our riding area behind Assateague Island allows enough freedom to keep your machine full-throttle for the entire ride!

Definitely not! The prices listed are per watercraft, not per person, so they include the Jetski driver and up to two additional people, depending on their size and the total combined weight.

This is the second most asked question. Maryland requires that any rental Jetski stay within visible sight of our highly trailed guides (they are there for your safety). Luckily enough, our guides have great eyesight so our riding area is quite large! This means that each trip has a personal lifeguard (or two or three) for the duration of your adventure. If you are renting the Jetskis at our Under the Bridge Watersports Marina, you may be lucky enough to see dolphins near our riding area or even some of the famous wild Assateague ponies!

No way! Your Jet ski adventure does not begin until you physically leave our docks heading out for the water! By the time you get back, we promise you’ll agree that of all the many things to do in Ocean City Maryland, Jet ski rentals are one of the most fun and memorable attractions!

You must be 16 years of age to actually rent Jet skis in Ocean City, “BUT” you must have a parent or guardian sign for you if you are under the age of 18. All operators must present a valid photo ID with birthdate, and must complete a Boater Safety course (see next FAQ). If you do not have a driver’s license or other photo ID, we suggest you obtain a state ID card from your local Department of Motor Vehicles prior to your vacation. (If you left your ID at home, that’s not a problem! We have a fax machine so that a friend or loved one can fax a copy of your ID directly to our office to confirm your age and identity and get you out on the water!!)

The Boater Safety course can be completed on site, at our Watersports Marina, located on the docks of The Angler. It takes around 15-30 minutes to complete the course, and it is “open book” with the answers right in front of you – so there are no excuses to get any wrong! This course is temporary and only works while under the supervision of our guides for the hour that you reserved. If you decide you would like to come back another time and rent from us again, unfortunately state law requires us to re-administer the test (but that’s okay, by then you should be a Jet ski guru!) We ask that if you are renting a Jet ski from us to please arrive “at least” 30 minutes prior to your reservation time to get squared away and complete proper testing.

Interested in buying one of our skis?

We sell them at a discount at the end of the season. They will be available for pick up in the middle of September. First come first serve – only 13 skis available! GTX 130 Pro’s retail for approximately $12,500.

  • Must put a non refundable $500 deposit down
  • Skis include upgraded iBR (Intelligent Break & Reverse) option

Jet Ski Specs Email us to reserve

Plan a Day Trip

We are located at the docks of the Angler Restaurant & Bar in Downtown Ocean City!

Come downtown and make it a special day – all while ordering drinks and food with a 10% discount while renting our jet skis and boats!